Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Life Update

I have been super busy recently and all good plans to start regular blogging again has fallen by the wayside, but I'm hoping now that things are settling down again, I can get back into it.

This post is really just an update on what I've been getting up to recently, firstly I made the decision to look for a new job - for lots of reasons but I needed a fresh start and a new challenge. I have been in my new job for 4 weeks now and have moved from a small privately owned company to a large corporate one. This has meant getting to grips with a whole new ball game, learning all about the company and it's ethos and learning all about my individual setting. I have a huge challenge ahead of me, as I have been tasked with making big improvements and raising standards but I am looking forward to the coming months and hopefully making a positive change to the business.

I also have mentioned in other posts that I am due to be a Bridesmaid for my sister soon.... well the time has finally arrived! Linda gets married on Friday - I am so excited but also quite nervous as she has asked me to do a reading. I'm not one for public speaking and even though I'll know the majority of people there I may need a glass or two of bubbly before I do the deed. The only thing getting me through the thought of doing it, is thinking of my Dad (who is a very similar character to myself) having to do a speech too! 

I have also had to keep tearing myself away from baby shops after finding out that my sister is pregnant. I will become an Aunt for the first time at the end of July. I am so excited about this, I'm already planning things to do with the baby and making sure I fulfill my auntie role to the maximum.

After months of hospital visits, physio appointments, x-rays and an MRI scan, I have been booked in to have further knee surgery in May. Hopefully this will solve the problems with bending my knee, caused following my ACL Reconstruction in December 2012. 

So lots going on this year already...but looking forward to what the year has to offer.

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