Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Shopping

I booked today off from work so I could spend the day Christmas shopping, but having woken up full of cold and not wanting to leave my cosy house I quickly changed those plans to a bit of online retail therapy!

I started off by getting out the presents I had already bought, then made a list of the people I want to buy for and started assigning gifts to the list. I then made my 'to buy' list.

I actually amazed myself and got all but 2 presents from the same website. Debenhams had 30% off a large section of both beauty and clothing, so not only did I get some fab presents but I saved myself some money too. The downside was that I ended up buying myself 2 pairs of boots, but I definitely needed them and it cheered me up too (trying to convince myself here!!) 

Have a look at the Debenhams website either for yourself or for some fantastic gift ideas www.debenhams.com

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? What have you been buying? 

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