Sunday, 25 January 2015

Making Plans!

I've started back at Weight Watchers again, having put on the 2 stone (and a little extra) that I'd lost back in December 2012. This is the year I will achieve a loss of at least 2 and a half stone. I need to do this for my health, confidence and because I have a wedding to plan!!
I got engaged back in the summer, but for some reason just didn't want to announce it on any social media, we decided to change this just before Christmas and now everyone knows, I can start making plans.
I'm absolutely in love with my ring, it's the style I've always lusted after and having described it to my partner, as soon as he spotted it in the shop window, he knew he had to get it! 
We have been together a very long time (13 years) and we hope to get married around our 15th anniversary so now I have 18 months to get everything organised. I will share this with you over the next few months and hopefully give you a sneak peek in to some of my choices.  

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