Monday, 6 April 2015

South Lakes Safari Park

Recently my boyfriend and I decided to visit the South Lakes Safari Park, I was so looking forward to going as I particularly love seeing the big cats. 

This experience was so different to any I've had before as you are able to wander around the park at your leisure and can stroll in and out of the enclosures (surrounded by windows or fencing) to come up close with the animals. 

Firstly we watched as the lions were fed - a man climbed up a wooden pole and hung several pieces of meat on to the pole and within minutes the lion and 2 lioness' joined the enclosure, immediately making a dive to the top of the pole, securing their dinner before dropping to the floor to eat it. 

We then had a wander through the enclosures with the various different types of monkeys. They were freely swinging above our heads and generally causing mischief - one of the funniest things I saw was a monkey going over to a giant tortoise, crouching down and peering in to his shell, the look on his face was priceless, I only wish my camera had caught it.

Another funny moment was in the giraffe enclosure, I was overwhelmed at their height and had not really appreciated how tall they are until I was inches away from them, I turned around to see 3 lemurs enter the shed with the funniest looks on their face, as if they were missing out on something, they began to jump around by the giraffes and at one point, one snuck off in to the staff only area before helping itself to a piece of fruit and then scooted off, jumping up again to the height of the giraffe and almost kissing it (see photo) 

I would really recommend a day out to the South Lakes Safari Park if you're ever in the area, it really put a smile on our faces and had us recollecting funny memories all evening! 

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