Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, hope you've all had a lovely time!

I haven't been around much on the blog for a few weeks, but I really want to get back into writing regular posts, especially now that the Christmas madness is out of the way!

So have you made any New Years resolutions yet? I have decided this year to stop the whole "loose weight" promises and have instead decided to go with the resolution to drink more water, eat healthier foods and take regular exercise. I also want to spend more time doing what I want to do and to stop agreeing to do things just to make others happy, I don't mean that to sound like I want things all my own way but reflecting on last year, there are many times I've sacrificed doing things with my boyfriend just because I didn't want to turn a friend down. I certainly need a better balance and am looking forward to a more positive year ahead.

I have some nice events coming up this year to look forward to...my sisters wedding, my boyfriends 40th birthday (I am planning a surprise break for the two of us) and a lovely summer occasion. I hope you all have a fantastic year too. 

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