Monday, 28 October 2013

Weight Watchers Journey #12

After my recent weekend away followed by a weeks long holiday, I was dreading getting on the scales. I ate and drank exactly what I wanted too whilst away so was expecting to gain a few pounds, but surprised myself by putting on 3lbs (not too bad considering!) 

Since last week, I have just gone straight back to my normal diet and at my weigh in on Saturday, was pleased to see that I'd lost the 3lbs within 4 days of dieting and am still where I was at my last weigh in - 15.5lbs to lose and 20lbs lost in total including my pre-surgery loss.

I'm so pleased that I am managing to stay on track and am hoping to loose at least half a stone by Christmas. My aim for this week is to loose 2lbs so that I can officially say I have less than a stone to loose!

Hope everybody is well. I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently, I will get in to some kind of system soon hopefully! 

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