Sunday, 1 September 2013

New Avon Mega Effects Mascara

Avon have recently launched a revolutionary mascara, changing the mascara ward as we once knew it into, what I initially described as a small paint brush. On further inspection, the brush bends for ease of application and claims to add 40% more mascara to the lashes.

I am lucky enough to have gotten my hands on one, due to my Mum being an Avon Representative. I called her a couple of weeks ago, having seen a couple of other Beauty Bloggers talking about the Mega Effects Mascara and asked if she could order one for me. It turned out that the product had not yet been launched, but going through her information she had been sent one to introduce to her customers.

How does it work?
The brush is able to be moved so that you can use it straight or tilted, I imagine this would be good to use on either yourself or if you were doing another persons make-up, but personally I enjoyed tilting the brush so that I could get from root to tip of my lashes with ease.
I found the Mega Effects really lived up to its claims of providing corner to corner, thick lashes. The product also claims to be flake-proof and sweat-proof, which again testing the mascara out during our recent warm weather, I can confirm is true. 

The Avon Mega Effects Mascara has now been launched in Brochure 15 and is retailing at £10.00. I will be very interested to see whether this brush now sparks a trend for other companies to follow suit with their mascara's, but I for one am certainly sold on this product and will re-purchase in the future.



  1. this is quite the new mascara wand! it does look like it did a great job in your pictures :-)I always have trouble getting to the roots as well.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I've only just noticed it!
      It certainly is!I found it so easy to use and pleased with the results so would recommend it to everyone :)