Monday, 23 September 2013

Chasing your dreams

I wanted to write today about chasing your dreams.

I have always had my heart set on owning my own nursery, my whole education after school was set towards getting the qualifications and experience I needed to one day achieve this goal.
I've worked my way through the ranks and have been working as a nursery manager for the last 5 years. Although being a manager gives you an insight into how it would be to have your own place, it doesn't meet my personal need to still have my own nursery.

Over the last few months, following my knee surgery, there were times when I honestly thought my days of working with children were over and I felt heartbroken that my dream was over.

I am slowly building back into working in the nursery but its very early days. I'm still hopeful that by the time I reach 40, I will have my own little nursery, but for now my desire for a business has taken a side step and I've opted to invest in starting up a business with Phoenix Trading. 
When I found out about Phoenix Trading, I felt this was something I could be positive about as I actually love the products and would purchase them myself, which is essential if you're going to try and sell it to someone else.

Becoming an Independent Phoenix Trader, means that I now own my own business, with my own website and online shop. I can make the business as large or small as I want, I can create my own team further down the line and the posibilities of expanding the business is achievable and exciting.

If you've never heard of Phoenix Trading, I would recommend you having a look at the greeting cards, gift wrap, tags and stationary that are available to buy online or call/email me and I can place an order for you. (All details are on my website) 

Please have a browse through 

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you 

If you have a dream, keep pushing to achieve it, there may be some diversions on the way but if you really want something - go for it! 

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