Monday, 23 September 2013

Weight Journey #9

I've noticed this week that I've been eating smaller portions of food and at times I haven't wanted breakfast, still feeling full from the night before. This behaviour is so unlike me, I usually eat large portions and have 3 main meals plus snacks everyday.

One thing we are constantly told in my Weight Watchers Group is to manage our portion size through weighing and measuring amounts of food. I will hold my hands up and say that I have stopped doing this, but something has obviously clicked, as I am managing this myself.

I am really pleased to have lost 1.5lb this week. 
Total Weight Loss = 7lb lost 
Amount left to loose to get me back to where I was in December = 1 stone 4.5lb 

I am hoping to loose this by January, but realistically I've got a hen party and a weeks holiday in Spain in October, where I'm sure I will put on a few pounds. Christmas will be another challenge, but the thought of fitting in my Bridesmaids dress should help me through! 

How do you cope with challenging weeks? 

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