Friday, 15 March 2013


My 12 decorated cupcakes!
 I had such a good day on Tuesday. One of my best friends Charly, booked us onto a Cupcake Decorating Workshop with The Jolly Good Pud Company.
We have both recently really got into doing crafty things. Charly is a dab hand at knitting, cross stitch and making sock monkeys and I have started attempting to make my own jewellery. The day began at 9am, first we watched a demonstration of how to make the perfect vanilla cupcake along with tips about baking, cake case choice and flavour variations. We then watched as a buttercream topping was made, again with tips and inspiration for creating different flavours. I took lots of notes and can't wait to try out my own versions. We observed as the lady piped the cakes using 5 different styles, each with a different nozzle and a different method, then it was time to get our hands dirty! We were presented with 12 pre-made cakes and a huge batch of pre-made buttercream. We were encouraged to mix up different coloured buttercream and practice the different styles we had learnt. My table had 6 people working on it and we decided to all make up a colour each and use different nozzles so that we could share them and have a chance to try out all styles, unlike the other table who stuck to one colour and one style each. It was so much fun and I'm really impressed with the job I did, in fact with a bit more practice I think it's something I could become quite good at. The class finished at 1pm, and was followed by a delicious Afternoon Tea comprising of a range of sandwiches, fruit scones with jam and clotted cream and a pot of tea. The company also had a little shop selling various baking equipment for us to have a look around.
Charly found the course advertised on the Groupon website and at the bargain price of £25 each (which included the cakes, a handout of recipes and step by step decorating guide and Afternoon Tea) all we needed to bring with us was an apron, pen and paper.
The afternoon ended with us bringing home our 12 yummy cupcakes to enjoy with our families!
I am so pleased to have discovered this course, not only have I learned a few new skills but I had a fantastic day out with a friend and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in baking or eating cupcakes! Xx

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