Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Discovering New Talents

I was reading the fantastic Sprinkle Of Glitter blog the other week and decided to take a look at some of Louise's February advertisers. 

Ji Ji Kiki really stood out for me, the site is an online shop full of interesting cute vintage and kitsch jewellery, clothings and home accessories that would make ideal gifts or a perfect treat for yourself. I instantly fell in love with pretty much everything on the site but decided to start by making a purchase of a few of my favourite things.

My Ji Ji Kiki purchases, I love them all!

I am a sucker for anything heart shaped so the first thing I picked up was this gorgeous wooden Christmas tree decoration (it's never to early to make a start on Christmas in my book!)
The heart shape was what caught my eye initially but I also love the cute reindeers on it and cannot wait to hang this on my tree.

I could not decide which necklaces to buy, as I had fallen in love with about 7 of them, so I narrowed it down to these 3 and could not make any further cuts, so they all went in the basket! 
This first necklace is a circular silver locket. The centre has a beautiful midnight blue gemstone, with tiny speckles of glitter inside it and surrounding the stone, pretty flowers and leaves are etched into the silver.The necklace sits just under my collarbone and looks amazing!

This cute owl necklace stood out immediately to me, I have recently had a bit of a thing for bird accessories and could not resist adding this to my collection. I also loved the lace detailing behind the owl and thought it was quite different to anything I'd seen before.
I love the sparkly gems that are placed around the edge of the owls body, tail and above its eyes.
The chain is very long on this necklace so it hangs down to mid chest level, perfect for sprucing up a casual outfit.

 Following on with the bird theme, I could not resist this robin locket, It looks so delicate along with the scripture and the amber and garnet beads at the base of the chain highlight the colours on the robin.
Again the chain is long on this necklace. I attempted to open both the lockets, but with recently painted nails, it was never gonna happen neatly,so I will open them another day!

The last item in my basket was this gorgeous picture of a cat shaped kettle, with the wording "Purr Me Some Tea" 
In my kitchen, I have a collection of vintage style posters and metal plaques with food and drink related pictures and wording on, so this item will be framed and added to the ever growing collection.

I think that I may have a problem with buying pretty things! I just cannot resist hearts, vintage, shabby chic or anything sparkly that catches my eye......Oh well, they are now added to my collection.
I recommend you have a look at the Ji Ji Kiki website, which you can access here. Let me know if you make any purchases!
See you soon xx

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