Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Avon Nailwear Pro+ Review

I was browsing through the recent Avon brochure and came across a new range of colours in there Nailwear Pro+ collection, I have always been a huge fan of their range of nail polishes so looked forward to experimenting with this new selection.

The nail polish contains acrylic gel for added strength. Avon state that the Nailwear Pro+ has 12 days of lasting colour, 10 days of shine and a nick-resistant finish. The bottles contain 12ml of product.
I selected two colours; 1) Sweet Pea Dream - which is a creamy peachy colour with a finely milled gold glitter running through it. One coat gives a delicate nude colour but a second coat gives a more peachy tone and 2) Blue Water Lilies - which is a sky blue colour, again dusted with a finely milled gold glitter. It can be used either as a one or two coat polish depending on how you prefer, I personally like it both in a pale or more concentrated colour, I really go on the mood as I'm painting my nails or whether I am trying to match it to compliment a specific outfit.

The range has a good selection of colours, there are pastels, brights and nudes to choose from. The consistency is nice and  it has a wide brush so you can coat your nails in two strokes (if you're an accurate painter, more likely three or four strokes if you're anything like me!) What I'm most impressed with is how long the colour lasts without chipping, as I write this it has been on my nails for ten days and there are no chips whatsoever. I purchased these polishes when they were on offer for £3.49 each, but they usually sell for £6.00 each.

This is a range I while be purchasing from again and as I have seen other tempting colours, I'm sure it won't be long before I do! Have you tried this range of polishes? What do you think of them?


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