Friday, 5 July 2013

Weight Watchers Journey #2

I found it really easy to get back into following the Weight Watchers plan and by the end of my first day, I was regularly tracking everything I ate and drank on the Weight Watchers iPhone app. I spent time making sure everything was weighed and measured and spent the first evening ordering a healthy food shop  so I was prepared for the week.
I tried really hard to stick within my allocated daily points, I was told to make sure I used a minimum of 26 points a day and there is also the flexibility of the 49 weekly points for treats, nights out etc. I faced some challenges during the week, including a Wedding reception buffet and a meal at Frankie and Benny's but was confident that I had managed to stay within my points.
My weigh-in day was supposed to be Saturday morning but I woke up feeling poorly and decided to get weighed in at my next available group, which was on Wednesday morning (so a total of 11 days on plan) and was amazed to be told that I had lost 7.5lbs, I cannot believe I lost over half a stone in that time period. I'm already feeling much more confident in myself and cannot wait to loose even more pounds.
Due to getting weighed late, I will now have another 11 days before I get weighed again, then I will go back to weekly weigh-in's on a Saturday.