Sunday, 5 May 2013

I can use a Sewing Machine!

I mentioned recently that my friend Charly and I have really got into trying new crafts (see cupcake post) so we decided to book onto an hour long course on Sewing Machine Basics at our local Sewing shop. I have never used a Sewing Machine before and was a little worried that I'd end up sewing my fingers together or something stupid like that! We had such a great time though, we learnt how to set up the machine, thread a needle, transfer cotton onto a bobbin, use different stitches, widths and lengths and how to secure the end of a row of stitches. We then had a go at stitching four pieces of material together to make a mini patchwork quilt. The hour flew past and I came away with another couple of skills under my belt and a desire to keep practising! I'm really proud of my first ever attempt at sewing, have you tried anything new lately? 


  1. Well done! I'm scared of sewing machines, too, though maybe a lesson would cure me?! I have just (literally a few days ago) taken up knitting, and I'm really enjoying it. Feel happy to be trying something totally new to me and feel it opens up a whole new world - both in 'what can I knit?' and 'if I can knit, I wonder what else I can do?'! Was that your feeling? Happy sewing :-)

  2. Thanks! Yes, I really thought there was no way I could ever use a machine, so if I can I'm sure you could too. That's fantastic I would love to be able to knit and I definitely know where you're coming from, it makes me want to try different craft projects, I've imagined creating lovely things to sell on a little stall somewhere and think I'll be trying out new things in the future. I would love to see some of your knitting when you've finished :)