Monday, 15 July 2013

Weight Watchers Journey #3

I'm going to be honest and say last week was a challenge for me in terms of sticking to my allocated points. 
I spent the weekend at a friends house, which meant relying on their food choices and a lovely barbecue, as the weather was so nice.
I also had a couple of meals out, as again, blaming the weather, neither myself or my boyfriend could be bothered to cook!
I tried hard for the remaining 4 days to rein myself back in but was expecting a couple of pounds gain, because I know I went way over with my points.
Weigh in day was back to a Saturday morning again (so another 10 day gap) and jumping on the scales I was pleased to see I only gained a pound.
Total weight loss in 3 weeks = 6.5lbs.
This week it's my Birthday and I have several things planned. I fully expect another weight gain but will try to keep within points on the days I'm not doing anything. 
This time around, I've decided not to worry about the odd weight gain here and there, because sometimes life gets in the way. I don't want to be that person who constantly turns down invites  because "I'm dieting" life is to be enjoyed! 

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