Saturday, 13 April 2013

Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection Review

My boyfriend recently bought me the Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection after I spent 20 minutes raving about how nice they looked on the website, I think it was his way of getting me to shut up!
The Fruit Pastel Collection arrived within 3 days which I was really impressed with, I also discovered a free nail buffer had been sent with the set so it was off to a good start already.

Not only does the Fruit Pastel Collection contain 5 beautiful pastel colours, but they are also scented. Each polish has a little 'scratch and sniff' sticker on the top of the bottle but some of the scents were already noticeable without me scratching the sticker.

The 5 colours smell as their names suggest, of the following delicious scents:-
Apple Pie - a pale minty green colour
Grape Juice - a pretty lilac colour
Banana Split - a soft yellow (I'm not a big fan of yellow polish, but this colour is my perfect yellow)
Blueberry Muffin - a sky blue colour
Strawberry Tart - a milky pink

The polish applies nicely but I did find that I needed to put on a good two coats, some nails I put on three coats, just to get an opaque look, but all in all I was really impressed with the look of my nails. I was still aware of the scent on the nails three days later, but my sister was not so impressed by the fact that the polishes were scented and asked what the point was as I was going to be the only one sniffing my nails, she did not take me up on my offer to have a smell!!

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